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we export seamless calcium cored wire
seamless calcium cored wire


our plant  make and export  seamless calcium cored wire  ,monthly capactiy is 500mt .


Diameter 9-9.5 MM, 1.0- 1.5 MM strip thickness, core weight 52-60 g/m, calcium > 97%, magnesium< 0.8%, aluminum 《1%

Seamless calcium cored wire  into the ladle, not easy to appear rupture phenomenon, has enough strip thickness which greatly improve the practical efficiency of calcium , the yield of calcium and recovery can be improved to the peak .


Compared to the seam calcium cored wire ,our seamless calcium cored wire can improve the calcium  recovery rate and yield rate to  2-5 times, reach better miscellaneous  effect, Slows the gasification and the vapor pressure of calcium metal, reduce the boiling phenomenon of liquid steel, save steel  processing time, reducing the loss of liquid steel temperature in the process, effectively improve the molten steel quality  during the processing of increasing oxygen and increasing  nitrogen,


Seamless calcium cored wire is of lower cost than seam calcium cored wire and it is easy to use .

Through the trial test , the yield rate of calcium is 36.8%, is  2-5 times higher than seam cored wire ,and the liquid steel quality  meet the technical requirements. 


Pouring situation: due to the high sulfur content in the steel, calcium treatment to produce a large amount of calcium sulfide, the molten steel is easy to plug the nozzle , crystallization surface stability, and the replacement of the tundish nozzle and observation. Smooth surface no abnormal aggregation can be judged in LF refining furnace calcium treatment stage. Steel deoxidation products in the cluster of oxide aluminum and oxygen adequate calcium binding, forming a liquid calcium aluminate, smoothly through the nozzle without clogging.The Sulfur content of the liquid steel after calcium treatment is less than 0.005%.



Calcium treatment metallurgical effect:   CCCCCCCccCCCCCCCCCCCCccccc     CCCCDDDDEEECalcium  treatment is mainly to overcome the defect of the calcium deoxidized, change the shape of inclusions in steel, a cluster like strip change as the spherical inclusions into calcium calcium aluminates. With the increase of the content of calcium in steel, manganese sulfide almost disappeared, its melting point is 1450 degrees in steelmaking temperature liquid, and by blowing oxygen, weak stirring to float, thereby reducing harmful elements in steel, so that to make more high purity of molten steel.


As a high quality of the Calcium agent in steel making ,  Seamlesspure calcium cored wire in the production process is more advanced than the buckled type of pure calcium cored wire ,which is  more able to be strictly controled ,which can achieve the high calcium required for steel mills To reach the same calcium content in liquid steel we only need  40% of the buckle type calcium  cored line when we use  seamless pure calcium cored wire ,which can fully reduce the production costs of steel mills.


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